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MarkLivesOn.com was created to help preserve and celebrate the memory and life of Mark Edward Patterson. On this site you can view photos of Marks life as well as read/post messages to any of the articles/categories listed down the page. If you would like more detailed info on using the site you can visit this page.

5 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Sarah Rizzo Says:

    What a wonderful website, mark obviously touched many many lives.

  2. Mike Thill Says:


    Nice job on the website. Thanks for giving people a chance to share some thoughts about a good friend.


  3. Erica Says:

    In the funeral card that was given out at Mark’s funeral on October 23, 2006 was this poem. I think it is very fitting for what Mark would want us to feel.


    I’d like the memory of me
    to be a happy one.
    I’d like to leave an afterglow
    of smiles when life is done.

    I’d like to leave an echo
    whispering softly down the ways,
    Of happy times and laughing times
    and bright and sunny days.

    I’d like the tears of those who grieve,
    to dry before the sun,
    Of happy memories that I leave
    when life is done.

  4. Kristin (Anderson) Gischia Says:

    This is truly a wonderful tribute to Mark and those he touched with is life. Kathy, these thoughts and prayers from all who knew Mark must warm your heart. As mothers who know the loss of a child, we know our lives will never be the same, yet we must go on with happiness for those who still live. Words cannot express my sorrow for all of those who knew and loved Mark … But I know we will all be together again in a better place.

  5. Christina Niver Says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 3 yrs. I think of Mark all the time, I have his picture in my living room. Whenever I feel lonely, I look at him and know that he is with me. Makes me feel better. Sure do miss him, he was so much fun. Such a loving person.
    When I seem to struggle with things in life, I think of what an angel he was, and still is. Watching over those of us that he cared so much for.

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