“The bittersweet tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone”
~Harriet Beecher Stowe

Although Mark is no longer physically with us, his spirit remains alive in our hearts and thoughts. He was an energetic, free-spirited individual who found happiness in the simple pleasures of life.

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  1. J. Keating Says:


    I hope you are impressed….David worked very hard on this and I helped too……keep shining over all of us you crazy diamond……we love you.



  3. Fritz Schippert (Fort Collins, CO) Says:

    Thanks for everything we learned together and you will be missed more than you you ever thought. Thanks for all the lessons in life. I know that you are in heaven.

  4. Laurie Lancaster Says:

    For such a scrawny little guy he was sure a ball of fire, sometimes to hot to handle, but mostly he radiated great love. Either way, you had to admire his spirit. We are so fortunate to have had him in our lives. We will keep his spirit in our hearts and we will be richer and warmer for it.

  5. Mike Thill (La Plata, MD) Says:


    Quite a few memories come to mind as I write this: our wintertime brawl in elementary school before the lunch ladies got out to the playground; hanging out with friends while we were in high school; afternoons working at Microform; fishing up at the pier; a couple of playoff W’s in softball; spending time with Ryan and his famly up at Port Hope. The one I want to write about is dedicated to you and all the members of the Monteith Outdoor Hoops League during our high school years and after (Fritz, Ryan J., Nick, Cameron, Brian, Irv, Dan, Mike A., Tim D., and anyone who I may be forgetting).

    A group of us used to meet up to play basketball on Sundays at the schoolyard at Monteith Elementary, which for a few of us including Mark and I was our first alma mater. None of us have since gone pro in basketball, but some of those games on Monteith’s eight-foot hoops were battles worthy of remembrance. Mark and Ryan weren’t there every time, but the regulars were always glad to see the two of them show up. Reinforcements meant that we would easily reach the six-player number needed for three-on-three. And who better to throw into the mix?

    Mark became known for his defensive presence on the court. On one Sunday in particular, the opposition would rue the day that they faced off against him. Luckily, I was allied with Patterson for several of those games. The other team was lucky to hold onto the ball long enough to get a shot off, let alone put it in the basket. We came out with several wins and not a loss throughout the afternoon. Even Nick, who happened to be on the losing end, will admit that it was the greatest lock-down defensive performance that the league ever saw.

    That kind of raucous energy is one of the things that I will always remember about Mark at his best. He was fun-loving and fun to be around. He will be remembered, and he will be honored at any reunion of Monteith League alumni.

    Mark - You were a good friend, and we all wish you were still around. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may he make his face shine upon you and bring you peace.

  6. Christina Says:

    I miss you so much,yet I know you are with me. I keep thinking about all the fun things we did. looking at stars, watching fireflies lite up the forest, movies. I thank God for your mom, because she helps me with her support and I hope i can do the same for her.

  7. Stephane Says:

    Salut Mark

    On ne se connait pas vraiment, tu as un petit peu entendu parler de moi par Erica, moi j’ai beaucoup entendu parler de toi :) Je sais que la ou tu es on est polyglote, donc tu ne m’en voudras pas si je t’ecris avec mes mots a moi, ils seront d’autant plus sinceres.
    Deja tu as le prenom que je voulais avoir quand j’etais mome…
    C’est aussi le prenom d’un de mes bons copains, lui aussi un ecorche vif!
    J’aurai toujours le regret de ne pas avoir pu te rencontrer. Peut etre un de ces proches week-ends, on aurait ete en train de se marrer sur les pistes su Colorado en snow… Ce sera pour une autre fois, dans une autre vie…

    Je connais beaucoup de choses sur toi maintenant au travers de ta maman et de ta soeur qui t’adoraient et t’adorent. Je sais que tu aimais la peche et cela aurait ete cool de t’emmener pecher en mer, au large des cotes de ma Bretagne natale avec mes meilleurs potes. Je suis sur que tu aurais adore… Tu m’aurais appris la peche en riviere aux US… C’est pas un bon deal ca ? Disons que c’est juste partie remise…

    Je sais aussi que tu etais quelqu’un de profondement meurtri mais sincerement altruiste et entier…
    J’etais il y a peu a Fort Collins avec ta charmante soeur…sur “tes traces”… un drole de voyage initiatique mais qui m’a permis de voir ou tu vivais et rencontrer certains de tes amis. Tous n’ont que des mots tendres a ton egard.
    Sache que tu resteras pour toujours dans la memoire des gens qui t’ont connu et aime.
    Tu leur manques terriblement.
    Ciao l’artiste! Amuses toi la ou tu es, la vie doit etre plus rose et les pistes enneigees a souhait pour la parfaite glisse!

    Dans ta chanson ils disent: “see you at the Crossroads”,
    chez moi on di tout simplement: Kenavo!


  8. Erica Says:


    Today is your birthday! You would have been 28 years old.

    I wish we could celebrate somewhere together with mom.

    Where you are now you are ageless. I believe endlessly happy and heathly and peaceful with God.

    Thinking of you today and everyday.



  9. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday! My Beautiful Diamond!

    Mark, Mark, Mark,

    Oh, how I miss you and wish you were here so I could hug you and never let go.

    I still look to the sky every night at our special star we always looked at together. You in Fort Collins and me in Grosse Pointe. I feel you are looking at it too, only now you are so much closer to it.

    Mark, I love you and cherish every minute and second we had together.

  10. David Says:

    Happy Birthday Buddy.

  11. Micah Says:


    Happy birthday buddy. You were my first best friend and I can never express how much of a positive impact you had on my life. You were truly an amazing, unique, and kind-hearted person.

    You will not be forgotten,

  12. Ferol Says:

    Just thinking of all of you…

    Today I had to go back to the “old neighborhood” and thought again of Mark and the neat kid he was. Like so many of us have said–he lives on in our heads and hearts and pops in and out over and over again. Until another time…

  13. Christina Niver Says:

    It’s been a long time since the last time I visited this site. It’s still pretty hard to believe he’s been gone almost a year. I still miss talking to him on the phone, hearing his voice, his laugh. When I see his face in this photograph I have framed and on my shelf, it helps to be reminded that he is still apart of my life because of his wisdom and kindness. Two vary rare qualities you don’t find in too many people. I also take comfort in keeping in touch with his mother Kathy, and sister Erica. They are very dear to me, and I hope they know that I’m there for them at any time if they are in need of an ear, a shoulder, or anything at all. That I feel deeply would please and comfort Marks soul. May God bless Mark and his family. I will light a candle in his memory.

  14. Old Friend (anonymous) Says:

    Memories can be a strange thing. When you look back in life, the most treasured moments can bring a heavy heart. The heart is drawn to that place in time, but sometimes the distance is great. Great memories are never really lost, but it’s funny when they remind you of possibilities unfulfilled. Like when something could have started sooner or been stronger… Yet I know it will carry on: the power of wisdom and a bond of brotherhood between us all.



  15. Meghan Welsh Says:

    Mark, Erica & Kathy- I think of all of you every day, but even more so today.

    Erica & Kathy- I know it’s been hard for you to get through every day since Mark died. I’m sure there are times when it seems like it will never get easier but as time goes on, it will. If your experience is anything like mine has been, you’ll take comfort in thinking of Mark every day for the rest of your lives. Even though the sadness may always be there in the shadows, there will come a time when it will dull and more often than not, it will be eclipsed by the happy, funny and cherished memories.


  16. Mom Says:

    One year ago today my heart was broken. I think of you everyday. There are so many things I remember so clearly, the witty and profound things you said, how you could fix or do anything, your smile, your laugh, your face. I have such nice dreams of you and they make me feel good. All the memories will be forever with me and I cherish them everyday.
    Love and Miss you more than ever,

  17. Mom Says:

    Merry Christmas Mark. This was always a favorite time of the year for you. I remember when you were so little, probably only 4 years old, you went out in the yard and got a small branch of a evergreen bush. Brought it in the house and put it in a glass and decorated it . You were so happy that you had your own Christmas tree.
    When you were 5, I took you and Erica to Monteith for the pancake breakfast with Santa. You brought the Sears Wish Book to show Santa exactlly what you wanted when you sat on his lap. Everyone there thought that was so cute!!
    This is the first year the big star is not on St. John Hospital.
    Love you,

  18. Mom Says:


    All I can get myself to say right now is Happy Birthday, Shark!!
    I still have the pain of not having you with me. I miss you and think about all the time.
    Love you,

  19. Meghan Says:

    Thinking about you on your b’day, Mark!

  20. Ferol Says:

    …drove by Allard Rd a few days ago and once again thought of all of you–Kathy, Erica, Mark and everyone in the neighborhood. It never goes away. Greetings, Mark!

  21. Ferol Says:

    Another anniversary of a sad, sad moment. You are still in our minds and hearts. The Tanners wish you well, Kathy and Erica…

  22. kathy patterson Says:

    Mark, I miss you so much. I hope you me hear me everyday and night when I talk to you. Love you……

  23. Erica Says:

    Mark, I miss you so much every single day.

    I see you and feel your presence all the time and all over the place. Whether it is somebody who looks like you or the same big tiger that you had in your room that suddenly appeared in the store window below me or the lady on the street today that had a bag from a store called “Brother”.

    I think about you everyday and these are just small things that make me smile and think that maybe you are giving me a little sign.

    I know this life will seem just like a blink of an eye when we are all reunited but I wish you were here for all the big moments and all the little ones, too.

    I love you and miss you.


  24. Meghan Says:

    Thinking about you, Mark, Kathy & Erica. Love, Meghan

  25. David Says:

    Pattersons, I am Thinking of you and wishing you strength during this especially hard time of the year. Mark, you are still much missed, and often thought about. Show my old man the good fishing spots.

  26. Kathy Patterson Says:

    Mark, this Christmas I went to be with Erica in Paris. It was a beautiful wedding and visit. I know you were there with us and always will be.

  27. Kathy Patterson Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Mark. Always in my heart.

  28. Ferol Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mark, and thinkng of you both, Kathy and Erica.

  29. Erica Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark!

    I can’t believe you would be 30 years old!

    Wanted to wait to write to you on your birthday that you will be an uncle X 2. I’m having twins! I can imagine you would have been the coolest uncle, teaching the kids how to fish and snowboard and how to fix anything! Plus you would always let them have their music too loud! : )

    They will know lots about their Uncle Mark as they grow up.

    I love you and miss you everyday.



  30. Kathy Patterson Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark!! Wow, I can’t believe 30 years ago how happy your dad and I were the day you were born. Daddy was so proud of you. You were just a little guy, just 6lb 3oz. I imagine you would look so much like him now.
    Love you and miss you. Not a day goes by that you are not thought of.
    Love you,

  31. Kathy Patterson Says:

    Tonight I became a Grandma! Erica gave birth to two beautiful baby boys. Brieg was born first and then Mark. I think of all the wonderful things you could have taught and done with them. You are so missed by us. Love you.

  32. Ferol Says:

    Congratulations to you and Erica! Mark is watching and smiling as well…

  33. Ferol Says:

    Thinking of you all today…

  34. Kathy Patterson Says:

    This the first day I could get cable and get online. Just got back from Paris after 5 weeks with Erica and Stephane and the BABIES!!! Erica is such a great Mom to Brieg and Mark. I know you would be a great uncle to them. They will hear of all the good and fun stories of their Uncle Mark.
    Love you Mark

  35. Kathy Patterson Says:

    Mark, Merry Christmas. This was always your favorite time of the year. Erica and the babies are coming here on Jan 8th!! I can’t wait to hold Mark and Brieg.
    Forever in my heart,

  36. Erica Says:

    The star is up!!

    Merry Christmas Mark. I know you were here with us on Christmas and everyday. In the last days I thought a lot about our Christmas mornings. Leaving milk and cookies and a carrot for Rudolph. Running downstairs at the crack of dawn and opening piles of presents. Remember when we got our Intelevison? Burger Time. Too cool.

    You are with us in our hearts and memories forever and my boys will know lots about Uncle Mark.

    I love you,


  37. Ferol Says:

    Sending greetings to you all and reminding you that no one is forgotten.

  38. Ferol Says:

    Happy Birthday to Mark! Thinking of you both as well–Kathy and Erica. Be well, and keep the memories alive.

  39. Mutti Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark!!! Had such a great time visiting with Erica, Stephane and the Boys. Mark and Brieg are just the cutest and best babies ever!
    Always in my heart.

  40. Erica Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark!

    Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and miss you so much. So many holidays and milestones that pass without you but I know you are here in spirit and as an angel taking care of so many.

    I see you sometimes in my boys but I know that there has only been and will ever be one Mark Patterson! : )

    I love you,


  41. Mutti Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark,
    Had a great time with Erica, Stephane and the Boys. They are changing every day. Mark and Brieg are just the cutest and smartest babies.
    Love you for ever and ever,

  42. Mom Says:

    Happy Easter Mark,
    Thinking of you today. We went out on the pontoon and had an Easter Parade with about 23 other pontoons. Nice to be out on the water.

  43. Christina Niver Says:

    It’s been 4 years tomorrow, and I still think of you nearly everyday. You were such a strong part of my life, taught me many things about happiness and sincere love. I appreciate all we had, and all the memories you gave me to last my lifetime. I will miss you always.

  44. Ferol Says:

    The Tanners send our love and a reminder that Mark will remain with us always.

  45. Erica Says:

    Four years has gone so fast. I can still hear your voice the last time we talked. You still live on in the memory of so many people and you bring a smile to my face when I think of all the fun times we had.

    Sending you my love up to heaven where you are watching and taking care of us.


    Erica and Brieg & Mark

  46. Mom Says:

    I am so happy your web site is up and running again.
    I miss you so much!
    I think of you everyday, you will never be forgotten. I will be looking at our star tonight.
    Love you forever and ever…….

  47. David Says:

    Thinking of you all today…

  48. Nick and Sharee Fischer Says:

    We miss you and we think about you quite a bit - of course every October 15. What a surreal night it was four years ago when we got the 3AM call from Jermweed looking for a number to contact your family. We were glad to have seen you 7 days before, watching the Detroit Lions game with you at the Trailhead - of course they were having their on-the-road losing streak (nothings changed). You were planning on visiting when the baby was born-he came a couple of weeks later, and here we are on the same date waiting for the next baby in a couple of weeks - No doubt, you already are aware of this. We’re getting all the video footage of your time in Fort Collins together (maybe even the footage that you recorded when you took off with the camera and secretly taped) you were always full of mischief -and the footage is pretty funny -( We’ll send it to whoever wants a copy). Nick and I always think of you when we hear the song “Drivers seat”. It has become your song ever since you taped yourself singing and dancing to the song when you lived with us on Mulberry street (Fall ‘04). Nick bought (and drank) a forty in your honor yesterday - he didn’t buy Seagram’s for a 7 and 7, but he thought about heading to a bar just to get one (you know he hardly ever imbibes anymore), but he felt it was required… and he wanted to add…”SIDE OUT!”

  49. Ferol Says:

    Merry Christmas to all. Thinking of you with fond memories…

  50. Erica Says:

    The star is up!!

  51. Mom Says:

    Merry Christmas Mark! Your favorite time of the year. I am very glad I got to talk to your friend, Sharee from Ft. Collins. Can’t wait to see the video and any pictures she has.
    Love you forever…..

  52. Mom Says:

    Another New Year without you, Mark. Miss you very much.
    Love Always,

  53. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mark. I had a great day at Disney World today with Erica, Mark and Brieg. The boys did so good , they are becoming Disney pros. Last year the 4 of us went to the Paris Disney Park. You would just love Brieg and Mark, they are so smart and so much fun.
    Love you……

  54. Ferol Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! So sorry I missed the date–my problem. Thinking of all of you..never, ever forgotten.

  55. Ferol Says:

    Thinking of all of you today. Mark will never leave us.

  56. Mom Says:

    Mark, Love you forever, always in my heart. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Will give Brieg and Mark an extra hug from you tomorrow.
    Love you,

  57. Mom Says:

    Thank you so much for always remembering Mark. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  58. Ferol Says:

    Merry Christmas to you all. Mark is still in all of our hearts and will never leave…

  59. Kathy Says:

    Erica, Brieg and Mark were here for the Holidays in Florida. The boys are getting so big now and talk like crazy. They know you from talking about you and seeing you in all the pictures, they get so excited and run to the pictures and say Uncle Mark, that’s Uncle Mark!!! Miss you so much!

  60. Erica Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark!
    Missing you and thinking of you like everyday.
    Knowing that you are our angel watching over mom, me and the boys.
    Was thinking about the funny songs we used to make up. Butler butler it’s time to dance. Butler butler lets really dance.
    It was just funny because it had the word butt in it!
    Even in our 30’s now we’d probably still laugh.
    I love u

  61. Ferol Says:

    A special Happy Birthday because tomorrow is the “real” day! We all have great memories that will never leave our hearts. Happy Birthday, Mark!

  62. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark!
    I went to the casino on your birthday. Remembering back to your 21st birthday when you and I went to Motor City casino.
    Love you and miss you so much.

  63. Evan Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mark! Thinking of you often!

  64. Mole Says:

    Thinking of you, Erica and your mom on your birthday, Mark!

  65. Ferol Says:

    The other day I watched as a few parents walked their kids to the spot where the school bus picks up the kids in my subdivision. It reminded me of the picture I have of Mark, Evan and Micah on their bikes on their way to school (no school bus!). There was a pain in my heart for years lost–”lost”, but he will always be with us. Remembering special Mark on the 15th…

  66. Mom Says:

    Mark, not a day goes by that you are not thought of. You have touched so many people. Always in my heart.

  67. Mom Says:

    Erica, Stephane, Brieg and Mark were here on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It has been so much fun to see how the boys have grown. You would have so many things to teach them, they are both so smart like you. Miss you so much, Mark.

  68. Ferol Says:

    Thinking of you again today, Mark. Happy Birthday!

  69. Mom Says:

    Remembering you on your 34th birthday, Mark. Enjoying time with Erica, Brieg and Mark. Love and miss you more every day.

  70. Ferol Says:

    Another day that reminds us all that there will always be loving memories that will never be forgotten…

  71. Mom Says:

    Tigers are in the midst of another world series. Maybe you could put in a good word for them, they need it! Miss you Mark, always in my heart and thoughts.
    Love you…….Mom

  72. Erica Says:

    Missing you and thinking of you like I do every day, little brother.

    My boys are starting to write letters and words and my Mark likes me to write all the names of family, friends and his toys’ names on paper and he carries it around saying it’s his business card.

    Today he asked me to write Uncle Mark on it for him : )

    Think it was a sign from you that you will always be part of our lives.

    I love you

  73. Mom Says:

    Thinking of you Mark at Christmas. Brieg and Mark love Christmas as much as you did!

  74. Ferol Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mark! We’ll never forget…in our hearts…

  75. Mom Says:

    Thinking of you Mark. I was on a cruise and could not get online. You are remembered and loved by so many people.
    Love you,

  76. Ryan Juif Says:

    Thinking of you Marko… Miss U Bro!!! Say hi to my Daddyo from the other side. Keep on shine’n!! ESP

  77. Ferol Says:

    The Tanners send our good wishes. Gone in body, but never in our heads and hearts. Thinking of you…

  78. Kathy Says:

    Always in my heart, always in my thoughts and prayers. Time does not lessen the pain. Miss you Mark.
    I love you,

  79. Mom Says:

    Erica and boys are here for Christmas. Remembering how much you liked this time if the year. Love and miss you!

  80. Ferol Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mark!

  81. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mark!! Love and miss you so much! Always in my heart!

  82. Mole Says:

    Thinking of you today on your birthday, Mark!

  83. Ferol Says:

    Remembering Mark today…more than once…

  84. Kathy Says:

    So many people thinking of you Mark. Thank you to your good buddy, ad avid fo setting this up again. Love you Mark, always in my heart!

  85. Kathy Says:

    So many people thing of you Mark. Thank you to your good buddy, David for setting this site up again.
    Love you Mark, always in my heart!!

  86. Kathy Says:

    David thank you. Please delete the first one. Plz email me

  87. Mom Says:

    Thinking of you Mark through your favorite season. Erica and the boys were here. They are getting so big, they would have so much with you.
    Love you

  88. Ferol Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mark! In our hearts, always…

  89. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark! The boys are 6 1/2 today.
    Love and miss you every day.

  90. Ferol Says:

    Memories of Mark are with us, especially today.

  91. Mom Says:

    It was 10 year that Mark left us to be with our Lord. Always in my heart!

  92. Ferol Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mark! Still with us…

  93. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark! Thinking of you everyday!
    Love, Mutti

  94. Ferol Says:

    Special thoughts about Mark today. Lives on in our hearts…

  95. Mom Says:

    Never a day without you in my heart.
    Love you,

  96. Ferol Says:

    Happy Birthday! Still thinking of you…

  97. Mom Says:

    Thinking of you today on your birthday. Spending the day with Erica and the boys remembering you.

  98. Mom Says:

    Remembering you Mark today and always.
    Love, Mutti

  99. Ferol Says:

    Still in our hearts…

  100. Ferol Says:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy some ice cream in heaven…

  101. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark!! Today would be your 40th birthday! Love and miss you everyday.

  102. Ferol Says:

    Still with us…never forgotten…

  103. Mom Says:

    Never a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Always have you in my heart.

  104. Ferol Says:

    Happy Birthday! You’re still with us…

  105. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark! Love you. ❤️

  106. Ferol Says:

    Time is passing but some things are like yesterday…the neighborhood, the kids, the “everyday” life. He still lives in all of our memories.

  107. Mom Says:

    Always have you in my heart, Mark!
    Love you,

  108. Mom Says:

    Feral, thanks for always remembering Mark.

  109. Ferol Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mark! You’re still hanging around in our hearts…

  110. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark!! Think of you everyday and miss you more and more everyday!

  111. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark!! No day goes by that I don’t think of you!
    Love you forever.

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