About Mark

Mark Edward Patterson
(February 28, 1979 - October 15, 2006)

Mark was born at St. John Hospital in Detroit, Michigan on February 28, 1979. He is the son of Richard (deceased in 1983 when Mark was four) and Kathleen. Mark has one sister, Erica. Mark attended Grosse Pointe Co-Op Nursery School (that he used to say looked like a building in the capital- so he called it “ABC News Washington”) , Monteith Elementary School, Brownell Middle School and Grosse Pointe North High School.

From an early age Mark had a love of fishing. He would ride his bike to the Grosse Pointe Farms Park and spend hours catching fish. You could often find him surrounded by little kids teaching them how to fish. He won awards for “Most Fish” year after year at the fishing rodeo. Growing up he had lots of trophies in his bedroom. His love of fishing was also a love of the water. He was a great swimmer and was given a name that fit him perfectly, “Mark the Shark”.

Mark loved all things mechanical. He could fix everything anyone brought to him- cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers, stereo equipment. He had a natural ability to work with electricity and was willing to help with small jobs around the house. Many people didn’t know that he was a very good cook. From an early age he would get up in the morning on weekends and make big breakfasts, experimenting with eggs and bacon. Since he was such a great fisherman, he’d filet his catch and then fry it up to eat.

Mark moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2004. He had never snowboarded before then but took to it immediately. He spent a lot of time going to the mountains in Wyoming to snowboard. He fell in love with the mountains and nature in the region and spoke of how magical it was. Mark worked in a few different restaurants in Fort Collins and his last job was at Pappy’s Corner Pub where he oversaw the kitchen staff. Mark continued to develop his cooking talents over the years and was getting known for his special potato salad.

Since he was a young boy in tee ball and Little League he loved and was very good at baseball. One year his team even won the championship and he was awarded the game ball from the coach. They called him the “Pitcher Killer” because during one game he hit the ball so hard that it flew directly at the pitcher almost burning a hole in his glove. The 2006 major league baseball season was one that he followed closely. His hometown Detroit Tigers were on the way to the World Series. He even took some of his hard earned money and bought a Tiger’s jersey and wore it with pride.

Very suddenly Mark was rejoined with the Lord on Sunday, October 15, 2006 at the age of 27. Together mourning our loss and celebrating Mark’s life are: his mom “Mutti”, sister Erica, aunts Marilyn, Patty, Peggy and Pamela, Denise, his uncles Bob and Rick. Friend Roger and his kids Laurie and Mike and their spouses Joe and Kimberly, Mark’s cousins Joe, Jim, Karen, Rickey, Randy, Michael, Kathleen and Kelli. Mark’s extended family of friends and neighbors that knew and loved him over the years also celebrate his life. Mark would wanted to be remembered as a strong believer in the Lord. He read the Bible regularly and attended a local church in Fort Collins. He had comfort that he was loved by God and of the eternal life that was waiting for him.

Mark would want to be remembered as a good guy, somebody always willing to help you out. Someone with a good sense of humor and an original personality. He did not have a sad or painful life and would not want to be remembered in that way. He would want to be remembered for the happy times he shared with those close to him. The best thing that the people who loved Mark can do is remember those times and share them. This will give comfort to all those missing him.

You will never be forgotten, Mark.

“For long you live and high you fly, for smiles you give and tears you cry, for all you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be”
~Pink Floyd